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CRESTIC (Creative Artistic Event Management) is an event management company, was incorporated with the objective of serving our clients with respect, honesty, smile and a successful events. We are a vibrant and fresh team which is specialized in organizing promotions, exhibitions and trade shows. With the team of young, cool and energetic people, we have been managing/planning, co-operating and execute the task to held events/ promotions in many places like hypermarkets and shopping complexes in Klang Valley and Selangor area. We also offered other services as well. We offer turnkeys solutions and have the capacity to handle every aspect of an event from beginning till the end. As a Malaysian company, we understand all the local markets sentiments needs and that's why we need to plan our events accordingly. We also provide a host of support service. The services provided range from concept design to actual event management. Also included are many important events related to conducting events such as consultations, entertainment scheduling, site preparation and decoration. In shout, we are the complete service provider for organizing and coordinating all your event needs.

We Make the Impossibles Possible!

CRESTIC is a combination of a team of young and vibrant graduates who specialized in event management. They were all well-equipped with event management knowledge and skills as well as experiences. Crestic specialize in;

1. Event Management (Corporate Event, Theatre, Film Launching, Dance Performance, Wedding, etc),
2. Art & Design (Corporate Design, Logo Design, Graphic Solutions, etc),
3. Web-development (Website Design, Web Hosting, Webmaster Service),
4. Consultation.

CRESTIC Event Management services are available to anyone needing to stage an event, who may simply not have the time, resources or experience to do so themselves. This could be a corporate event of any nature, a social event, a family celebration. Anything where the combination of skill, an unrelenting eye for detail and creativity are required to make dreams a reality.

1. Event Management
Chosen suppliers working under our umbrella all mirror our adaptability to work within a variety of markets and diverse locations. As do you, we like to work with people of integrity who speak our language. We are expert at planning, managing and communicating. We are totally at home with delivering polished events and building strong rapport with our clients. Our services covers: Venues (all types), Targeted Concepts, Themes to Dazzle, Seamless Logistics, Talented Entertainers, Caterers to Tempt, Managing Delegates.

2. Web Design & Hosting
We offer high quality, affordable and security-oriented web hosting services. Our users benefit from the great features, secure servers, multiple free tools, and great customer service we provide! Contact us for more info.

3. Graphic Design
Graphic design is all around us. It is in our morning paper, on our commute to work, and on the cover of our favorite books.This list barely cracks the surface - ticket stubs, skateboards, matchbooks, train schedules, credit cards and countless other products and everyday items all utilize graphic design. Thats why our graphic design department is here to serve you. We offer expertise in:

Advertisements (magazine, newpaper, etc),
Annual Reports,
Corporate Calendar,
Corporate Greetings Card,
Flyers, Newsletters,
Logo Design and Branding,
Packaging Design,
Promotional Leaflets.

* Any of our services are available separately, or as a combination package tailored to client specific needs

4. Professional Make-Up Service
"Looking good not only boosts confidence in your appearance, but also enhances your over-all self-esteem."
With a constant drive for a fresh approach to beauty, CRESTIC Beauty established this professional in-home hair, make-up and spa service. Crestic Beauty is a team of professional hair and make-up specialists with experience in film, commercials, print and theater. We creates natural, radiant looks for the bridal parties of today. And we use only professional products like Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura, MAC, Stilla & Bobbi Brown. We guarantee quality, professionalism, care and consideration to all your requests.

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