If I find a post abusive, can I make a report?

Yes. Kindly send an email with the title "Complain" to info@adtiveonline.com.
You may then provide the reason why you feel this post was abusive, & we will attend to it shortly.

Can I embed the stuff I am selling on my website?
Not at the moment, but rest assured we are in the midst of working on that. Give us some time, & we'll keep you in the loop.

If I have questions, who can I speak with?
We welcome feedback & enquiries. Please contact us at info@adtiveonline.com.
Should you wish to speak with our representatives, you may contact us during office hours at (+6) 019 6668599 or (+6) 019-2320945.

If I have a great idea, would AdtiveOnline be open to suggestions?
Sure, of course. We are always keen to check out cool new ideas, & see if we can turn it into a working business model.
You can contact us personally at info@adtiveonline.com.

Can I make online payments via this site?
At the moment, we are unable to offer the services since we are in the midst of making available payment mechanisms that will be supported by Visa, Mastercard & number of Malaysian Banks.

How long does an advertisement last once its posted?
It is depend on the subscription. At the moment, we have five 4 types of subscriptions which are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

How much do I have to pay to advertise in Adtiveonline.com?
The charges are based on the package subscribed. The price starts from RM50/ month. For more info, do visit our package and promotion page here.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is one of the major marketing approaches nowadays. This is to generate more traffic to your website. Especially the targeted customers who are looking for your products/services.

What do I gain from this online marketing?
Online marketing is not a short-term or overnight effort to get rich or generate more income from the website. It is an effort to build your brand name online (in the Internet world). A proper and steady online marketing process keeps contributing traffic and revenue to client/advertiser's website.

Who should subscribe online marketing service?
Our experiences tell that exporters and manufacturers, who already have their own website, are strongly recommended to subscribe these online marketing services in order to transform their website into a real business channel.

My website is targeted on local market only (or any specific country/region), should I use this service?
Yes. More powerful features of the online advertisement is to hit any specific target / region / country's visitors without wasting your money.